Tips for wearing dark lipsticks

December 18, 2015

Hello lovelies.

Vampy lips are the new trend and many girls are venturing with dark lips. These can be highly fashionable and very empowering. It has the power boost your look and make you girls look really confident. You will know how flattery they are once you try them out.
Dark lipsticks suit everybody and anybody but need to be applied correctly.

Here are some tips to have flawless Vampy lips:
💋  Step 1: Choose a lipstick color that suit your skin tone. (Wine, Burgundy, Maroon Red…)
💋  Step 2: Exfoliate your lips.Dark lipsticks cling noticeably to dry patches, making exfoliation a necessity. Dark flaky lips look awful.
(Use a lip balm or cream to moisturize your lips and after 3-5 mins, use your toothbrush to remove all the dead skins. This will give you smoother lips.) 

Before and after exfoliation.

💋   Step 3: Moisturize your lips. This will give you a good finish.
💋  Step 4: Line your lips. Because red lipsticks can be very messy, lining your lips gives you a good guide to fill your lips correctly. 
💋   Step 5: Fill your lips. It’s preferable to use a brush to do so as it makes it easier for a neat finish and a better application of the color onto the lips. 

Use brush to apply lipstick.

💋  Step 6: Clean the edges to make sure that your lips are perfect and if necessary, use a lip-pencil to fill in the corner parts of your lips...
Clean the outer edges properly.

💋 Step 7: “POP” your lips. To prevent any lipstick stain on your teeth, put your finger across your mouth, close your lips gently and pull it out. This removes the excess of lipstick on the inner sides that could have ended on your teeth.
"Pop" your lips and the stains that you can see on the finger
 is what would have ended on your teeth.

💋 Step 8: Make sure your teeth are clean because dark lips gonna draw attention to your lips and teeth
Clean teeth is mandatory.

And you are done. Smile and keep that confident look.
P.s. I used a Burgundy lipstick but the color changed slightly in the photos.

I hope you liked the post that it will be able to help you. Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Life is too short to wear bad lipstick.

Stay fit, beautiful and fabulous.

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